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    The Twins: A Landmark in Kowloon East

    Introducing “The Twins”, a dynamic duo of twin towers nestled in the heart of Kowloon East. Soaring above Kai Tak, the towering design reflects the area’s youthful energy, diversity, and modernity. While each tower blossoms with its unique charm, they bring together a rich variety of shopping, art, cultural exploration and entertainment experiences, offering infinite inspiration for everyday life like no other. This iconic project is backed by a substantial investment exceeding HK$10 billion and aiming to include more than 700 stores. “The Twins” stands as a vibrant landmark showcasing our brand philosophy, and is poised to shape the future of Hong Kong's retail landscape.

    Spaces Design And Amenities Tower I

    Tower I is the home of the new SOGO, a Japanese department store that celebrates the blend of tradition, elegance, and femininity. Upholding our "customer-first" corporate philosophy, we will continue to provide an exceptional “one-stop shopping” experience. It is set to feature approximately 120 beauty brands, along with facial treatment rooms, a perfume area, and promotional event spaces. This endeavor is sure to establish us as a comprehensive beauty hub in Kowloon East, further enhancing SOGO's position in the Hong Kong beauty market.

    Tower II

    Tower II aims to offer a dynamic retail experience, with a focus on lifestyle retail, experiential elements, and a youthful, diverse shopping and dining experience. Tower II unveils a unique and innovative character distinct from Tower I, thereby creating a harmonious synergy. Both towers seamlessly integrate artistic and natural elements, collaboratively nurturing a refined lifestyle for all, and forging a new lifestyle and shopping landmark in Hong Kong.


    Atriums of various sizes scatter around the building breathe new life into the space and also serve as vibrant hubs for diverse activities, performances, and promotions, enhancing the customer experience and increasing foot traffic within “The Twins”.

    Architectural Excellence of The Twins

    The architectural design of The Twins embodies global creativity and local expertise. Our architects have contributed to a multitude of distinguished projects worldwide, including flagship concept store designs for various international brands, as well as hotels, resorts, and large-scale construction ventures throughout Asia. Notable projects include the planning for the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong, the design of the Art Park and Freespace Theatre, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, the St. Regis Hong Kong, and the Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino in Macau. Their portfolio also boasts retail spaces for prestigious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Moncler, Berluti, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace.

    Among the contributing architectural firms is CURIOSITY INC., renowned for their design of the globally-acclaimed 6-star shopping center, Ginza Six, nestled in Tokyo's Ginza district. Another notable contributor, the design firm MOMENT INC., boasts an impressive track record with a wealth of projects for the prestigious Japanese department store, SEIBU IKEBUKURO, and the designer brand, ISSEY MIYAKE.

    The Green Commitment of The Twins

    “The Twins” exemplifies a strong commitment to sustainability. It targeted a 30% rate for recycling and reusing construction waste, and has harnessed renewable energy sources on-site. As a result, "The Twins" has been awarded a "Provisional Platinum Rating" under the BEAM Plus New Buildings from the Hong Kong Green Building Council and aligned with eight categories under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

    BEAM plus - Key design highlight
    1. Advanced construction method to achieve over 30% construction waste recycling.
    2. Substantial greenery to relief local environment.
    3. Renewal energy resource e.g. bio-diesel generator.
    4. High efficiency sanitary fitment selection to achieve water saving.
    5. High energy efficiency MEP equipment selection to achieve energy saving (e.g. chilled panel)
    6. Barrier free access facilities for disable persons in need.
    7. 100% EV charger installation, encouragement of electrical car usage.
    8. Improvement of indoor quality, enhancement of health, wellbeing, and productivity.

    Established in 1985, SOGO serves as Hong Kong's leading Japanese-style department store, an iconic shopping destination for both local and international customers. Our concepts, blending “one-stop shop”, “shop-in-shop”, “Japanese style”, and a “customer-oriented” approach, aims to enrich and inspire customers' lives through high-quality products, exceptional service, and convenience within an enjoyable shopping environment.

    We're always growing, always evolving. From an ambitious expansion in 1993 that increased our retail space from 120,000 to over 400,000 sq.ft, to a comprehensive transformation project in 2014 that redesigned and revitalized key floors, we always adapt to our customers' evolving needs.

    As Hong Kong's leading department store operator, we remain firmly committed to responsible, ethical, and sustainable business practices that inspire us for tomorrow. Our long-term vision embraces the full integration of ESG principles into our business model and corporate culture.

    SOGO is more than a store, we are a lifestyle destination that continually inspires our customers.