13/08/2018 Lifestyle International Announces 2018 Interim Results
- Same Store Sales surged 23.5% y-o-y
- Widened its lead over the general retail market
05/03/2018 Lifestyle International Announces 2017 Annual Results
- Net profit attributable to continuing operation up 79.6%
- Sales growth outperformed the broader market
- Kai Tak Project commenced ground breaking works
07/08/2017 Lifestyle International Announces 2017 Interim Results
- Net profit attributable to continuing operation surged 196.9%
- Sales Revenue outperformed the broader market
- SOGO TST sustained strong growth momentum
13/03/2017 Lifestyle International Announces 2016 Annual Results
- Stable profit from continuing operation
- Acquired Kai Tak land to lay the foundation for long-term growth
15/08/2016 Lifestyle International Announces 2016 Interim Results
- Sogo CWB continued with renovation program to reinvigorate the store
- Sogo TST outperformed the market with 11.3% SSSG
29/02/2016 Lifestyle International Announces 2015 Annual Results
- Defying broad market downturn
- Hong Kong operations as a whole achieved 2.3% growth in sales
-Shanghai & Suzhou Jiuguang remained solid
03/08/2015 Lifestyle International Announces 2015 Interim Results
- Turnover rose in spite of prevailing weak consumer sentiment
- Longstanding resilience underpinned healthy results
16/03/2015 Lifestyle International Announces 2014 Annual Results
- Profit attributable to owners fell due mainly to Shenyang store's first full-year operating loss and old SOGO TST closure
- SOGO CWB outperformed market and Jiuguang operations remained healthy
15/12/2014 Lifestyle International Holdings Limited Celebrates the Grand Opening of New SOGO TST Store
- A favourite shopping spot in Tsim Sha Tsui Strengthening Group’s dominant position in the industry
08/11/2014 Lifestyle International Holdings Limited Announces the Soft Opening of New SOGO TST
- New store image set to further solidify the Group’s presence in Hong Kong
20/10/2014 Lifestyle International Announces Qatar Holding as the Second Largest Shareholder
- Strategic Partnership to Enable Further Business Growth 20/10/2014
28/07/2014 Lifestyle International Announces Unaudited 2014 Interim Results
- Longstanding resilience underpinned healthy results amid challenging environment
- Hong Kong operations outperformed overall market
24/02/2014 Lifestyle International Announces 2013 Annual Results
- Sustained Healthy Growth in Hong Kong and Mainland China A Department Store Operator Showcasing Life and Style through ‘SOGO’, ‘Jiuguang’ and ‘Freshmart’
22/10/2013 Lifestyle International Holdings Limited Announced the Soft Opening of Shenyang Jiuguang
- The fourth Jiuguang department store in China and the second in Northeast Region
29/07/2013 Lifestyle International Announces 2013 Unaudited Interim Results
-Upheld market leadership as a consistent performer in Hong Kong
-Mainland operations returned to healthy growth while paving way for business expansion
04/03/2013 Lifestyle International Announces 2012 Annual Results
- Safeguarding profit margin amid intensifying competition
- Sharpened focus on department store business while laying ground for China expansion
06/08/2012 Lifestyle International Announces 2012 Interim Results
- Hong Kong operations demonstrated resilience amid challenging macro environment
- Solid financial position to lay foundation for business expansion in Mainland China
27/02/2012 Lifestyle International Announces 2011 Annual Results
-Strong results amid global challenges
-Hong Kong operations seized retail boom while Mainland operations fared well
08/08/2011 Lifestyle International announces 2011 unaudited Interim Results
-Hong Kong operations buoyed by strong consumer confidence and tourist spending
-Mainland operations on the uptrend
09/03/2010 Lifestyle International Announces 2009 Annual Results
-Hong Kong operations maintains competitiveness
-Mainland businesses continues to gain traction
05/10/2009 Lifestyle International's Annual Report Won 4 Awards in the 23rd International ARC Awards
10/08/2009 Lifestyle International Announces 2009 Unaudited Interim Results
-Core earnings remained robust despite initial losses from two new stores
-Reinforced leading position in Hong Kong
-Drove forward expansion in China
25/05/2009 Lifestyle International Inaugurates Dalian Jiuguang
-The first Japanese style department store and a new shopping landmark in Dalian
03/03/2009 Lifestyle International Announces 2008 Annual Results
-Record-high turnover representing a 13.1% increase
-Store operations in healthy state despite challenging economic situation
16/01/2009 Lifestyle International Inaugurates Suzhou Jiuguang
-The largest department store and a new shopping landmark in Suzhou
-Further solidifies the Group's foothold in the PRC
11/08/2008 Lifestyle International Announces 2008 Interim Results
-Turnover & Profit Surge 19.5% & 41.9% respectively
-Strengthened profitability and cash flow
-New stores in the pipline
27/02/2008 Lifestyle International 2007 Annual Results
-Posted Record Turnover and Profit, Increased 20.5% & 38.4% Respectively
04/10/2007 Lifestyle International Acquires 59.4% Interest in Largest Retail Complex in Hebei Province
- Adding 162,151 sq.m. to the Group's Operating Area
-Further Extend Group's Presence in PRC's Retail Markets in Key Cities
02/10/2007 Lifestyle International Provides HK$300 Million Bridging Loan to Egana With the Intention to Participate in Egana's Financial Restructuring
25/09/2007 Lifestyle International Approves Subdivision of Shares To Improve Market Circulation and Broaden Investor Base
08/08/2007 Lifestyle International Achieves Record-High 2007 Interim Results
-Turnover Jumped 19% to HK$1,406 Million
-Profit Attributable to Shareholders Surged 40% to 427 Million
25/04/2007 Lifestyle International Holdings Ltd.
-To Acquire Properties In Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao and Harbin
-Adding 105,000 sq. m. of Operating Area
-Expediting Its Market Coverage in the PRC
27/02/2007 Lifestyle International 2006 Annual Results
-Posted Record Sales and Profits
-New Projects in China Building Foundation for Next Decade
08/08/2006 Lifestyle International 2006 Interim Results
- Operating Leverage Fuelled Net Profit Growth
- Dominance in Hong Kong Sustainable
28/02/2006 Lifestyle International 2005 Results Mark Another Successful Year
09/08/2005 Lifestyle International Announces 2005 Interim Results Recorded 26.7% Increase in Net Profit
01/03/2005 Lifestyle International Announces Impressive Annual Results for 2004, recorded 60.7% Increase in Net Profit
24/02/2005 Lifestyle International Announces Tenancy Agreement of Kowloon Department Store
14/12/2004 Lifestyle International Announces the Fulfillment of Conditions Precedent for the PRC JV Acquisition Agreement
16/08/2004 Lifestyle International Announces Impressive Interim Result 2004, recorded a 116% Increase in Net Profit
15/08/2004 Lifestyle International Becomes Constituent Stock of Hang Seng Composite Index and Hang Seng HK SmallCap Index
15/04/2004 Lifestyle International Recorded Active Turnover on its First Trading Day
- Share Price Closed at HK$8.3
13/04/2004 Lifestyle International's Share Offer Attained Satisfactory Results
- Recorded a Subscription Rate of 8.1 Times in Public Offer
30/03/2004 Lifestyle International Issues 180 Million New Shares To Raise HK$1,314 Million to HK$1,674 Millionu have any further instruction to our Customer Service Officer
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